Tempest on Akiba TV
The broadband version of Akiba TV's feature story on the Virtual Magician is now online here !

Akiba TV – One of Japan’s foremost cable and web-cast television networks, has just mounted it’s first story on virtual magician, Marco Tempest. Shot entirely at Tempest’s New York City studio in Chinatown, the segment is actually hosted completely by Tempest, in English, with Japanese subtitles. Viewers get to see not only bits and pieces of Tempest’s extensive stage repertoire, but the actual video and computer lab where it all gets put together. He explains a bit about the extremely complex process of creating his special brand of cyber-illusion, including demonstrating some of the software and hardware he uses, and talked about his unique creative visions and processes. IN the process, he also does a bit of “live” magic for the camera! When all is said and done, Marco’s performances aren’t primarily about the magic, or the technology, he says…but about having fun with an audience. It’s the human interaction with the magician AND the technology that makes Marco’s work so unique…and so much fun for audiences around the world. Akiba TV, which broadcasts almost entirely in Japanese, found Tempest, who has presented industrial shows for many Japanese Industrial giants including Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and SONY, and whose work is heavily influenced by Japanese art, poetry and performance styles, a fascinating and timely subject. To watch the story here press the button below.
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