2001 - Entering the Cyber Millenium…
Entering the Cyber Millenium…with the Cyber-Illusionist

The past year has seen many exciting developments for Virtual Magician Marco Tempest – with performances for such giants as Microsoft, I.B.M. and on the Digiglobe Awards show with George Lukas and Stephen Spielberg. A world premiere of Marco’s new piece “Marco Maus” was featured on the popular Swiss television show “Benissimo,” and a number of other new illusion technologies expanded his existing works. 2001 promises even more excitement. Marco premieres his newly expanded Pixel technology in Hawaii during the first week of January…now working not only with small sparks of light, but with twinkling spheres of many different sizes, which expand, multiply, and fly about the stage and in and out of various video screens, all by magic. A new version of his hysterically funny piece “3-D Fax” is currently in production, and expanded versions of the “Marco Maus” and “Robotz” are planned for the first half of the year. Several “Large Show,” extended run projects are in negotiation, and, of course, a dozen or more different trade show appearances and corporate product launches are already being negotiated for appearances in Europe, Asia and the U.S. In addition, an appearance is slated for the popular PAX television series, “Masters of Illusion.”
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