Mysteries in New Orleans
Tempest Dazzles Software Crowd with Magic of Light

What does one of the world’s largest software companies in the world (who shall remain nameless in this article) choose to represent themselves to their top employees and clients at one of their top events of the year?

Besides renting out the New Orleans Superdome for a spectacular event; Besides flying 15,000 employees from all over the world to attend; Besides flying acrobatic aerialists to the roof of the Superdome and back; Besides tossing a giant party with Sugar Ray playing for the crowd? They hire Marco Tempest to create the most dazzling and inspiring opening event possible, of course. Light is the metaphor – sharing potential the theme.

A single light descends, conjured by Tempest from the blackness. A flick of the wrist, and the light flies off and into the 20 foot high LED video screen…circles, and back into the magician’s hand. A second toss, and the light floats mysteriously in the air, circling out over the heads of the assembled throng. Drums kick in, and Tempest divides the ball in two, then gestures, calling forth shafts of brilliant light, each isolating a single audience member. The selected group moves to the stage, and Tempest magically splits off pieces of the light for each one. Musical intensity grows as each person discovers a different potential: one can juggle, others swing the light in magical arcs, still another performs impossible acrobatics. All at once they form a group, and simultaneously light up, outlined in brilliant LED’s. They move the the giant screen, toss in their lighted orbs, which immediately return to them. They move down towards the audience, and toss the lights outward, where they soar a hundred feet or more out, skimming just above the heads of the front half of the group before flying up, up and smashing into the ceiling, where they set off a spectacular array of pyro-technics and lasers. A moment later the lights all swing back to stage, where Tempest catches them impossibly in his hands…then takes the throbbing, twinkling mass back to the giant screen. Tossed into the center of the screen, the pulsating orb explodes into a thousand pieces, each of which forms a portion of a man’s image. The bits and pieces coalesce, a blast of smoke issues from their center…and the man is left out on the stage, in front of the screen. He is the first speaker of the event.

And so…what magic would you like Tempest to create for you today?
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