Multimedia Wizard entertains Financial Wizards
Marco kicked off three separate sessions for Lincoln Financial Group VIPs at a recent company retreat.

Over 800 of the top executives from Lincoln Financial Group, a Philadelphia based diversified financial services corporation with over $237 Billion in assets as of the end of 2007, gathered at the exclusive Wyndam Rio Mar resort on the northern coast of Puerto Rico last week to celebrate their recent successes and look forward to the future. To kick off their two "Power of the Network" general sessions and an awards ceremony with just the right combination of magic and forward looking technologic style, they invited Marco Tempest to create something special for them. Not only did he succeed in wowing the crowd - he was also able to completely revamp the video content of one performance while he was on site, a feat necessitated by a last minute change of plans for the meeting itself. Marco performed different material at each of the three sessions he was to appear at, ultimately creating a most magical entry for Lincoln CEO Robert Dineen. "Even two years ago, it would have been difficult to make the drastic changes I did just a day before a performance," said Tempest. "Now, I can carry full video editing cababilities in a laptop and a library of video resources on a pocket-sized hard-drive. I love being able to deliver something to a client like this, when they're almost afraid to ask for it because it seems to impossible."
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