Gadgetoff 2009
Tempest Wows Gagdetoff Audience with Augmented Reality Magic

Gadgetoff is an invitation-only event that takes place annually in and around New York City, attended by just 300 of the ‘gadget elite.’ Its early focus on gadgets has dramatically expanded and it is now full celebration of technical and artistic innovation, and a salon in which to ponder the future. It’s the perfect setting and audience to appreciate Marco’s latest technological magic creation, Augmented Reality Card Magic.
Following Segway inventor Dean Kamen, who was demonstrating a new prosthetic arm, Marco performed for the audience who were mesmerized by the magic and wildly appreciative of the technology used to create it.
This year’s event took place in a hidden corner of Staten Island. Geeks gathered from all over the country to show off their flaming, rocket-powered, glow-in-the-dark projects – alongside some very serious new technology.
The New Yorker wrote: "If someone bombed Gadgetoff, the future might cease to exist."
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