Operation Excellence Tour for Burger King
Tempest inspires franchisees on whirlwind 5-city tour

With a year-long theme based on the blockbuster Star Trek, the Next Frontier, Burger King found Marco’s entertaining Power Show was the perfect entertainment choice for its annual “Operation Excellence” conference and awards.

Franchise owners gathered in five cities: Washington, Atlanta, Foxwoods (Connecticut), Las Vegas, and Chicago for the intensive 2 day events. After two days of training, competition, and awards ceremonies, Marco appeared to perform twenty minutes of true “Next Frontier” magic, including such favorites as The Magic Touch, Cubed, Mind cam, Puzzled, Coverage, The Next Dimension -- and the inspirational Wings, each specially tailored to support the theme of the event.

“We had planned something else for this – but the Burger King folks asked specifically for The Power Show – and when we work for Burger King, we like telling them “Have it your way,” smiled Marco.
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