The Power Show Package
Example: Countdown, Aura opener and speaker reveal
The Power Show Package 2011high impact · completely customized · simple ...Technical RiderMinimum technical requirements for the Power ...

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Power Show Package
Stylish, customized, and light years ahead of anything else available! The Powershow package is a gift to event planners everywhere!
DJB, Event Planner
The Power Show is 18-25 minutes of mind-blowing magical illusions, each with a look and style that is complimentary to the uniqueness of your company. Every aspect of Marco’s performance can be easily tailored to include customer specific typography, logos, product images, themes, or messages needed to drive home the communication goals of your particular meeting or event.

The Power Show can be presented as one continuous performance or broken up into 3 or 4 individual shorter segments featured intermittently throughout a meeting or event. The Show does not require extensive technical, video, or lighting setup. The entire process, from creating the show with Marco to executing the final performance onsite is designed to be professional, smooth, and client-friendly.

To book Marco’s astonishing Power Show, simply select up to nine of the pieces detailed on the right and let Marco infuse your event with sophisticated magic and cutting-edge technology. Any particular package will be made from up to 9 of the pieces available. Add-ons and additional customization are available for any show, time and budget permitting.