Marco Tempest - Multimedia Magier
Wer ist der Mann hinter der Magie?

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Magie für beide Gehirnhälften.
Knowledge on the left, fun on the right. Marco Tempest makes magic for the new millenium and beyond: High-tech, dynamic, imaginative. packed with dazzling illusion. Vibrant video imagery and original choreography. Cyberspace hits the stage. Tempest fuses form and content. Stretching our minds and challenging our senses, Marco Tempest unlocks our imagination and takes us places no magician has ever taken us before... Whatever the event, whatever the venue, Tempest creates custom tailored excitement.

Here you will find a selection of magic you have never seen before, leading edge technology, such as real time computer graphics, virtual reality super computers, fax machines, cell phones, computer monitors. Please remember Marco's magic are his own creations and are not in the public domain.